We are convinced that the artistic research is a journey through time and space, discovering colors, flavors and emotions that surface and merge with a distinctive modern style, which evokes a specific historical moment or place.

Communicative power and uniqueness are the basis of the sensory investigation of these ‘fashion poets’, who guides us on a journey through the soul, leaving their creations as imprints of their path.

Our project is, in fact, a constant search for innovation in finishing and in look. The craftsman-like attention to detail that distinguishes our products from those of our competitors is our brand name’s guarantee of high quality.


Rehard was born out of a group of Italian creative artists, sharing a long experience in the leather goods industry and a keen sensitivity to materials and treatments.

Inspired by their shared love for travel and aesthetic delights, they created the brand REHARD: sober in shape and colors, aggressive and casual, designed with class, understated elegance and care for details, addressed to customers who never want to give up the pleasure of wearing a distinctive element.

Rehard does not follow the trend since it’s a real lifestyle where everybody can reflect itself and find the right product. A ‘must’ in all Rehard products is the utmost care for the selection of materials and the vintage look.

Rehard is a lifestyle that brings back memories of a history, of a journey, enriched by thousands of adventures, lot of people met and lot of contaminations received, leaving a lasting impression.

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